Monday, November 16, 2015

A busy weekend

We went to my parents' house this past weekend. Since the time around Biscuit's birthday party is always hectic, I like going to their house the weekend after. They get more time to celebrate with him, and he enjoys that it extends his special day.

We had a good visit, and Biscuit had a good time playing with everybody.

I think he might have played too hard because by the time we left, he wasn't feeling well.

I figured he was just tired because he went to sleep within 10 minutes of leaving my parents' house. But when we got home, I took his temperature, and it was 103. Poor little man was feeling awful.

We kept him home from school today, and when he went to bed about an hour ago, he seemed to be feeling a little bit better. His medicine should be wearing off pretty soon, so I'll check him again before I go to bed to see if he needs another dose.

But hopefully, he'll feel better tomorrow.

Here's some of the fun he had over the weekend:

Brownie and ice cream.

Making a wish.

Big breath to blow out the candle ... and I missed him
actually blowing it out because his big breath tickled me.

And lots of presents.

Mama spent 98 cents on these Halloween balloons with LED
lights inside. We inflated them, turned out all the lights and batted
them around the living room. It was Mama, Daddy, Jeff, Griffin,
me, my brother, my sister-in-law, one of my nieces and my
nephew. And can you believe it? Nothing got broken!

And then it was time to play in the leaves.

This is my nephew. He's 11, and he's the tallest kid in his class. And
it was quite impressive to watch his 5-foot-6 frame dive into these leaves.

Going ... going ...

Gone! He's in there. Can you see him?

My nephew with my brother and Biscuit as the cherry on top.

And then he was tired.

I hope my baby feels better tomorrow.

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