Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy early Father's Day

Thursday morning, we'll be driving to the mountains to meet my side of the family for our annual long-weekend trip. I found us another beautiful house (pictures to come) with plenty of room for all 10 of us.

Next weekend is also Father's Day. And although it will be nice to be with my Daddy and my brother, I wanted a chance for Biscuit and Jeff to have some father/son time together. So Biscuit and I talked about it and decided that we would celebrate Father's Day this past weekend instead. Biscuit especially loved it because there were presents involved. He doesn't really care who the presents are for as long as he gets to help tear the paper off them.

When I was thinking about a gift for Jeff, I considered all the usual Father's Day suspects. And then I decided to go with a playful choice.

In the past couple of months, Biscuit has discovered the Wii video game system we have. Jeff and I got it before Biscuit was even born, but after he got here, needless to say, there wasn't much time to play. It's a fun system because the games require you to be up and moving around.

We have some basic games like baseball, bowling, boxing and some other sports. We also have some dance games where you match your moves to the dancer on the screen. And not only is there fairly strenuous activity involved, there's always a lot of giggling, too (especially when Jeff attempts to dance!).

So I decided that I would add to the gaming collection with some things Jeff and Biscuit would enjoy doing together.

Now, you know how fast technology moves, so the system we have is considered a dinosaur by video gaming standards. But that was actually okay. I was able to buy used games for a small fraction of the original cost!

Biscuit decided that Jeff needed to open his presents Saturday evening, then we would take him out to eat at a restaurant of his choosing for Sunday lunch.

After Jeff opened his presents, he and Biscuit both stayed up way past bedtime to play with their new toys. And then they played again Sunday. 

The temperatures here are already terribly high. It was 96 degrees today. So I think this will offer a cool respite when they can't be in the backyard playing baseball.

Here are some pictures of Jeff and Biscuit opening Jeff's presents.

There's a discount store near our house that sells the
musical cards for less than half of what you'd pay in
regular stores. So I took Biscuit in there to choose one.
A fellow shopper got a big kick out of him having
to listen to every single card that made noise.

Biscuit picked out this ping pong set a month or so ago and completely
forgot about it. It's made to be used on any rectangle table. "We can play
this on the dining room table," Biscuit said. "And what do you plan to do
with the electric train set that's already set up on that table?" I asked him.

I individually wrapped the games and equipment
and put them all in a big box. Biscuit was thrilled when
he saw that there would be more presents to open.

Of course I had to get my car guys a driving game!

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