Saturday, June 27, 2015

Family trip, Part 1

Jeff and I said goodbye to Biscuit for a week this afternoon, and I had a harder time than usual letting him go.

He's going to my parents' house, so I know he's in good hands. He'll get to play with his cousins. He'll get to go fishing and ride the tractor. He'll get to go swimming and play all day. But I'm going to miss him.

And speaking of my side of the family ... 

We took our annual long-weekend trip to the mountains last weekend. We usually stay in a different house each year, but for the first time, several people said, "Hey, let's rent this house again next year." So we might just do that.

We arrived on Thursday and were very pleased with the house. It was in a gated community, but the houses are so far apart, you can't seem them from your own porch or deck. It's more in the foothills than the mountains, so there weren't a ton of twisty, curvy roads to get there. And it's situated not too far from a town that has several major grocery store chains and some good local restaurants.

The house was built into the side of a small mountain, so it was two stories on the front and three stories on the back. There were decks on the main floor and the bottom floor that overlooked the valley. There were eight or ten rocking chairs on the main deck, so everybody had a place to sit and admire the view.

The house had four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, a living room, kitchen/dining room and game room with a foosball table and a pool table.

I didn't take as many pictures this year as I usually do, but here are some the family had posted on their website.

The loft area.

My parents' bedroom.

The living room.

The game room.

The side porch is covered.

A view from down the road.

The kids' bedroom. It had an adjoining bathroom.
A view of the house from the road.
The kitchen / dining room area.

The stairs leading to the loft area. The giant triangle
window overlooks the valley and distant mountains.

Mine and Jeff's bedroom.

My brother and sister-in-law's bedroom.

A small balcony off the upstairs bedrooms.

More pictures and stories to come.

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