Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day, I got to sleep late. That would've been present enough, but when I came out of the bedroom, Biscuit was sitting at the kitchen table grinning.

"Are you ready, Mom?" Biscuit asked.

"What's this?" I asked him.

"Happy Mother's Day!" he said.

Biscuit made me a bookmark at school, and he filled out a paper about what he thinks about me. It was very sweet. 

Jeff had taken him shopping, and Biscuit picked out a Mom necklace for me.

Biscuit took this picture of me (in my pajamas) to show off my gifts. I was pretty groggy from getting to sleep late, so it might be good that the picture was a bit blurry!

Then Jeff surprised me with French toast. He's very good at French toast. And you can see that I hated it!

They asked me if I wanted to go somewhere or do something, but I told them I was perfectly content to stay home and hang out with them.

And it was a good thing because about an hour later, as we were chilling in the living room, Biscuit stood up and projectile vomited onto the living room carpet, on my rocking chair and on ME!

Throw in a fever, and that was the rest of my Sunday. 

Jeff went out and got some food for our dinner, and by the time he got back, I could tell he wasn't feeling well, either. And sure enough, he had a fever and belly problems, too.

Oh joy!

I worked from home today to kept Biscuit home from school and Jeff recover. Hopefully, I will stay healthy, and they'll get well soon.

I hope all you other Moms had a better day!

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