Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baseball Biscuit

Okay, so here are the real baseball photos!

Biscuit won't be a pro baseball player, but he's gotten a lot better, and he seems to enjoy it. He got two good hits Saturday, and he made a really nice out at third base.

When the Angels are in the field, the coach asks them in between batters how many outs there are and where the play is (in other words, which base to throw it to for an out). Last seasons, it took Biscuit a few seconds to figure it out. But this season, he's one of the first kids to answer. 

And he has the same coach this year, so there's been some continuity in his learning.

The season is only eight games, and it seems like just as we're getting into a routine with practice and games, it's over. We only have three games left.

The kids will get to run onto the field with our local minor league baseball team again this year - sometime later in May, I think - so the kids are excited about that.

So here's my Angel Biscuit (sorry, I had to say it):

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