Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beach time

Like I said the other day, I felt pretty guilty about getting to enjoy the sand, ocean and sunshine while poor Jeff was stuck in the room. But I did it all for Biscuit ... yeah, let's go with that.

It was breezy but not cold. We were wearing sweat suits and were plenty warm enough. Especially once we started running from waves and walking along the sand.

The first morning, Biscuit and I went out and built sand castles. We had a whole village of them. We made up all kinds of stories for the people who lived in our sand neighborhood.

We went back out that afternoon, and the tide had made it up far enough to wash away about half of our village. So we walked and picked up shells and both ended up getting our feet wet.

The second morning, I warned Biscuit ahead of time.

"I'm taking my camera out this morning," I said to Biscuit, "so get ready."

Biscuit just grinned. He knows the drill. I take a gazillion pictures, then I put my camera in a plastic bag to protect it from the sand, then we play some more!

Here are some pictures of Biscuit playing at the beach:

Barefoot in November!

He thinks he can command that wave to stay right where it is.

Too bad this isn't video because he let out some serious squeals.

If there is dirt or rocks or shells, they MUST be thrown.

We cheat by using sand castle molds. There's still skill involved,
though. Biscuit packs the damp sand down as tight as he can.

Then he positions it just where he wants it.

Then he reveals his creation. This was a corner for his soon-to-be castle.

Biscuit has had this little truck on every beach trip he's been on.

He walks like he owns the place!

Our castle ruins.

My foot and Biscuit's foot side by side.

By the time we went in, Biscuit was wet up to his knees.

It's too late to run now!

It's amazing how big the wave looks (above), then just
before it gets to Biscuit, it fizzles to much of nothing (below).

Our castles are completely gone.

Biscuit usually smiles with his mouth closed because he feels weird about a smile with teeth
missing. But something I said tickled him, and I just happened to have the camera ready.

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