Thursday, November 3, 2016

Backing it up

As you know, I didn't write during this past summer. But I have photos and stories about things that happened during that time. So I asked a friend at work (who also reads the blog) if I should go back and write about the stuff that happened during the summer. Her answer was, "Well, we weren't there to see it, so yes!"

So I guess that's what I'll do.

Here are a few photos from the summer:

Out for a cruise in the Barracuda.

Biscuit earning his keep blowing grass off the driveway. And I must say
that he decided to wear the headphones. He never has like loud noises.

Biscuit made his own lunch for the first time. PB&J and
goldfish. It's nothing fancy, but he got out all the supplies, made
his lunch, then put everything back away. And I watched!

My boss went to a yard sale at her church and found this
Star Wars robe for Biscuit. She said she paid all of 50 cents for it!

Biscuit got new aviator sunglasses,
and he thought he was hot stuff!

After a soccer game, we drove home with the
windows down. And since Biscuit's hair was wet with
sweat, this is the hairstyle he had when we got home.

Jeff brought his father's almost-new glasses home and had the lenses swapped
out for his own prescription. But of course, Biscuit had to try them out first.

Biscuit spent the day at a water park with a friend, then finished
off the afternoon with a sweet treat. His bathing suit is so cute.
It has a T-Rex on a surfboard with a volcano in the background.

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