Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mom time

I went on my annual girls' trip last weekend, and it took too long to arrive and went by way to quickly!

There are three of us. Two of us live about 45 minutes apart, and the other one lives three states away. So we meet at a beach that's almost halfway between us.

There was good food, good talks, good shopping and good beach lounging. And I wish it could've lasted about four more days!

A cool place we like to eat breakfast. And of course, they play 1980s music!

Cute little sago palm tree.

Just remember, it is illegal to mess with the Spanish moss.

I took this from the backseat. I asked my friend what caused the smears on the rear windows. Yeah, it's dog snot!

We went to a good little pizza place, and I got us a cheesecake stromboli for dessert.

This is interesting. Do you see the white water in front of the lighthouse?

And the white water is still there.

And the white water is STILL there.

And then it's gone. I also took these from the backseat, and I didn't see the weird water until I got home and looked more closely at the picture. I took it with my phone. I wish I could've shot it with my good camera so we could see what it is!

We were not the only ones enjoying the beach.

I enjoyed the time I could just sit and stare at the ocean.

This guy looked like he was having fun. I just lived vicariously.

Sunset over the dunes.

Cute little candy shop we visited. She had all kinds of candy from our childhood - candy cigarettes, Pop Rocks and more.

At high tide, these marshes are soaked in water. But when the tide goes down, you just see mud.

More Spanish moss. 

It was a really good trip. Now, I just have to (im)patiently wait 'til next year.

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