Thursday, March 23, 2017

Second-grade concert

So I'm not going to write an "okay I'm back" post because every time I do, something else happens to pull me away!

So I'm just going to start like I've been writing all along.


The second grade had a concert this evening called "Awesome Animals." Guess what it was about? Yep, awesome animals.

They sang five songs, and some of the kids had speaking parts like in a play. Then Biscuit and a bunch of other kids got to hold up pictures they colored of their animals and say something about them.

Kids brought stuff animals to decorate the stage. They stretched
all the way across the front. They also made paper masks in
art class representing their animals. Can you see the plaid
tiger on the left? Yeah, that's Biscuit's. Our boy is
really smart, but he's not so good with the art.

Biscuit somehow or another got the letter T, which meant he got to talk about tigers, his favorite animal. And he had a hard time trying to decide which fact he wanted to share with the audience.

He finally decided that since everybody knows that tigers eat meat and are orange, black and white, he would talk about what tigers do when they get frightened or angry.

In case it wasn't loud enough, Biscuit said that when tigers are angry or frightened, they growl. And just in case people didn't see the picture he was holding or the mask he was wearing, he said, "By the way, my animal is a tiger." He got a good laugh from the audience.

Then they sang another song about how they couldn't imagine a world without these animals.

It was a cute program. My only complaint was that Biscuit was behind two taller girls, and we couldn't see him very well. Even so, it didn't take him long to find us. And once he did, he made sure to keep an eye on us.

Now, it's time for a game. Can you spot Biscuit in these two pictures? I told him his animal had good camouflage!

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