Monday, June 6, 2016

Random photos

Here are a few recent (and random) photos of Biscuit:

I don't know anything about this candidate, but
when I saw the sign in town, I had to take a picture.
Remember when Biscuit found a good spot for TV watching?
Well, he still sits there. Wonder how long it'll
be until his feet are resting in Jeff's lap?

Pre-game silliness.

A selfie in my lap.

Has there ever been a boy who hasn't
made himself a mohawk in the shower?!

"Dude, between your new sunglasses and
that shirt, you look cool," I told Biscuit.

Biscuit replied, "Mom, I'm not just cool, I'm THIS cool!" And I
turned around to see him in this pose. Too bad he's so insecure!

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