Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Biscuit is spending the week with my parents, so Jeff and I are Biscuit-less.

We met my parents halfway between our house and theirs, as usual, to trade off the boy. The swap-off is always hard for me. My parents are perfectly capable of taking care of Biscuit. Plus, he'll get to spend time in the country and with his cousins. All good stuff. 

But regardless of who it is, somebody is taking my boy home, and it's not me!

Before Biscuit left, I asked him if he would mess me.

"Of course I will, Mom," Biscuit said.

"Well if you miss me, just call me," I told him. "You know my number."

"I want you to call me 10 times a day, Mom," Biscuit said.

"If I call you that many times a day, I won't have time to do my work," I said. "Can we come up with a compromise?"

"What if you call me five times a day?" he asked.

"Hmm" I said like I was thinking. "How about I call you twice a day and send you one text to Grandmama's phone."

Jeff and I went to a baseball game last night. So my text to Biscuit was this picture with the words, "Look at the sign in the middle of the picture and guess where we are."

The sign is for a local construction company, and Biscuit loves it, obviously, because it includes his name.

So he guessed right away, and I sent him a pictures of the baseball team's mascot in his patriotic duds.

This morning, Mama and my sister-in-law texted me several patriotic pictures of Biscuit. He was going to ride a four-wheeler with my brother in this little community parade. It's funny. Mama said that the parade is just tractors, four-wheelers, classic cars, horses and stuff like that, but tons of people turn out for it. I told her I think sometimes people are just looking for old-fashioned and simple.

Anyway, here are the pictures of Biscuit. Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

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