Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

Southern boy: We made two trips to New York this summer, and at every restaurant, I had to remind Biscuit, "They don't have sweet tea."

I don't make tea at home much anymore (mainly because Biscuit and I both like it too much). But when we go to restaurants, that's what both of us usually drink.

So poor Biscuit would make a disappointed face and say, "Aw, no sweet tea" every single time.

So after two trips north to be with Jeff's family, it was time for us to head to the nearby mountains to spend a long weekend with my family.

We started talking about what we'd get for lunch on the way, and Biscuit said, "Guys, I just have one question."

Jeff and I both said, "What?" at the same time.

"Which direction are we driving?" Biscuit asked.

"West, why?" Jeff asked.

"Do they have sweet tea in the west?" Biscuit asked.

"As far west as we're going, they do indeed have sweet tea," I told him.

And he was happy.

It's all about perspective: When we were at Jeff's parents' house this summer, one of his cousins came over for a visit. Biscuit was getting ready for the day and came running into the living room to ask me if I could help him pick out some clothes.

When we got to the bedroom, he said, "Mom, who is that guy in there?"

"That's one of your cousins," I said.

"Mom ... really," Biscuit said and rolled his eyes.

"What?" I said. "He is."

"Mom! He a man ... and he has a beard," Biscuit said.

Then I understood. Biscuit's first cousins range in age from 12-18, so it's never occurred to him that he could have a grown-up cousin.

So he got a little lesson in family ... and still couldn't believe that a grown man was his cousin!

Feeling good: Jeff was helping Biscuit get ready for bed when Biscuit said, "Hey Dad, know what the best thing about me today was? 

"What?" Jeff said.

"I was just SO energestic," Biscuit said.

I wish he would share some of his energestic-ism with me!

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